Our objective is to obtain a BREEAM Certificate at a 'very good' level. A building with a BREEAM certificate has prestige both nationally and internationally. A BREEAM certificate offers tenants not only financial benefits, but also lower maintenance costs compared to non-certified buildings.

In June of this year Astrum Business Park received certificate BREEAM Interim Certificate reaching the result "very good". The awarded certificate is the result of the first stage of the BREEAM assessment in relation to the design phase.

Continuation of the process will be obtaing BREEAM certificate at the level of "very good" on the stage of the target, i.e. after the completion of the investment.


Green solutions in Astrum Business Park:

  • curtain wall with high insulation efficiency
  • modern air conditioning with individually controlled temperature
  • maximum daylight exposure
  • use of certified local products and recycled materials
  • waste management
  • motion detector controlled lighting system
  • bicycle amenities
  • electric vehicle charging station.