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At a quick pace are carried out the works related to sealed closing of buildings of Stage 1 and Stage 2. Already was performed sealing of the roofs of the buildings of both stages. Work continues to make facade, soon heat will be provided to an...more


We invite you to watch the movie "PROCHEM S.A. - Implementation of BIM on Autodesk Revit platform". The film presents Office Centre Astrum Business Park in Warsaw as an investment which was designed and implemented in accordance with the BIM...more


Nearing completion is the work at the roof insulation and the drying, of the Stage I of construction of Astrum Business Park, and will be started the work at the roof insulation and the drying on the Stage II of the investment project. The...more


The office complex Astrum Business Park already has its full address. It was given the appropriate number, administratively assigned to the building, and thanks to that, the address of Astrum Business Park is Łopuszańska 95 Street, Warsaw. more


Time-table of work relating to the construction of the complex Astrum Business Park is adhered, and implementation of the work runs smoothly. We can unveil the mystery ... the photo presents detail of the elevation of the building (mock - up). more


Reinforced concrete works of the ceiling above the last i.e. sixth floor of the building of Astrum Business Park, which is situated along Łopuszańska Street have been completed, as well as reinforced concrete works of 4-storey objects, which are...more


Construction of Business Park Astrum still runs smoothly and quickly. In mid-January in the part of office complex the implementation of the ceiling above the third of the six floors has already been completed. Also was started the preparations...more


Colliers International became the sole agent responsible for the commercialization of office complex Astrum Business Park. Colliers represents the owner of the project - the company IRYDION whose shareholder is PROCHEM SA - the company listed on...more


In advance of the planned term, reinforced concrete works have been completed for state "zero" of Astrum Business Park. In section situated along Łopuszańska Street, the ceiling above the first of the six floors was completed and also...more

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