ElektroEko in Astrum


In May of this year, an agreement was signed with subsequent tenant in Astrum Business Park. ElektroEko will occupy more than 400 m2 of office space in the Warsaw complex at Jutrzenka Street 95. The company's new offices will be located on the second floor of the Astrum building.

ElektroEko is the largest organization for the recovery of electrical and electronic equipment in Poland, which operates under the Act on WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) of 11 September 2015. It has been established in 2006 by major companies and organizations of manufacturers and importers of consumer electronics, IT, home appliances and lighting equipment.

ElektroEko is a not-for-profit company, which means that all the resources generated by the company are invested in the creation and development of a system for collecting, receiving, processing, recycling of waste equipment, and the environmental education.

Since the beginning of WEEE system in Poland, ElektroEko is the undisputed leader in electro-waste collection. Since 2006, ElektroEko SA has collected over 500,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment on behalf of its Customers, which accounts for nearly 50% of all waste of this kind collected in Poland.

In appreciation for the current activity ElektroEko has received prestigious awards: Patron of Ecology in the National Environmental Competition "Environmental Friendly", "Supreme Quality in Environmental Protection", "Certificate of Business Credibility" or "Ekolaury". In 2016, the nationwide educational project "My city without electro-waste" occupied 2nd place in the "Nationwide Ranking of Firms Responsible Social - Responsible for Poland" organized by Gazeta Bankowa.
ElektroEko is the only Polish organization of recovery, which is a member of the European WEEE Forum, WEEE Europe and EucoLight.


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ElektroEko in Astrum